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Deadline Extension Request Guidelines

The purpose of granting extended time on course assignments may be
reasonable in certain situations. A student with a disability may pose
challenges with completing assignments by deadlines when unexpected
situations arise. If the student has a disability with random or cyclical acute
episodes, this allows for flexibility in assignment deadlines.
Students are expected to schedule their time with consideration given to the
possibility that they may experience challenges as a consequence of their
disability and in the knowledge, that work for other classes may be due. It
is extremely important to pay close attention to the syllabus in each class
and plan appropriately.

Students must factor in the reality of their own personal situation and use
time effectively to complete assignments. Taking a heavy course load or
having a job outside of school or other family commitments do not justify
allowing extended time on assignments. The student may have a diagnosed
disability that may otherwise qualify the student for extended time on

A student who is unable to meet an assignment/project/paper deadline
because of their disability must discuss the situation with their professor and
must make the professor aware of this as soon as possible. In this case, the
student may request a paper or assignment extension by completing a form
found on the Office of Accessibility Resources and Services (OARS) website
( ) and sending the information to us at OARS.
The student will give a copy to the professor and OARS will obtain a copy.
The professor will ultimately make the decision and OARS will assist
as appropriate, or at the request of the professor.

If the student receives a paper or assignment extension and is unable to
meet the deadline, a new extension request must be made. Extension
requests should be for a short duration, a matter of a day or two. If an
unexpected illness or injury, recent diagnosis, onset or change in the
condition should occur, the student should meet with OARS staff to discuss
the situation including a withdraw or incomplete in the course.

Professors and OARS will only consider deadline extension requests when
ALL FOUR of the following conditions are met:

1. The accommodation is appropriate and reasonable in relation to the
student’s disability and the challenges the student experiences
because of the disability. When appropriate, documentation supporting
an extension request may be required.

2. The granting of the extension will not fundamentally compromise the
critical, fundamental purpose or focus of the assignment and class.

3. Academic standards are not compromised because of the extension.
The student will need to meet the “essential, academic, and technical”
standards of the class/program.

4. The instructor should receive the form FIVE BUSINESS DAYS BEFORE
the assignment/project/paper due date.

Sometimes there are consequences which we are not in control of and the student may not
be able to complete the form within the five business days. If this
occurs, contact the OARS by calling 336-334-5440 or email for assistance in the process.
Both students and faculty are encouraged to contact OARS if they have any
questions or concerns related to this process.

Click here to request an extension.