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NEW – Pilot Testing Partnership

Testing/Exams: Important CHANGE (pilot program)

OARS continually works to improve support services for students with disabilities. We are excited to announce one such improvement to expand support of testing accommodations in an inclusive environment: A partnership with the University Proctoring Lab (UPL), located in Forney 114.

The UPL offers a secure, quiet (distraction-reduced), and clean testing environment, and allows students, with or without disabilities, to schedule testing appointments with their instructors’ approval. The UPL is typically open between 9 AM and 9 PM. The UPL can support the following accommodations:

  • A reduced distraction environment
  • Noise-canceling/muffling headphones/earplugs
  • Extended time
  • Access to Read-Write, word processing, and ZoomText software
  • Adjustable height desks

Due to limited testing space within OARS, many testing appointments may be moved to the UPL. If your test location is moved, you and your instructor will be notified of this change via email, as soon as possible.

Tests scheduled to end after 5 PM may be moved to the UPL.

If you have a test scheduled after 5 PM you and your instructor will receive a notification of any change by email at least 24 hours in advance of your testing appointment.

Visit to prepare for your test and to become familiar with the space.

As we pilot this integrated and inclusive opportunity with the UPL, please read the following FAQs:

What if I have already scheduled testing in OARS’ space but want to change location to the UPL?

  • Email us at to let us know you would like to test in the UPL
  • OARS will notify you and your instructor of this change via email, as quickly as possible.

What if my test needs to start before 9 AM?

  • If your test needs to start before 9 AM, you may need to schedule within OARS’ space.
  • Or, your instructor may be able to provide that accommodation in their area.
  • To schedule in OARS’ space, please go to:

What if I need a private testing space (not just a reduced distraction space)?

  • If your testing accommodations include a need for a private testing space (not just reduced distraction), you may need to schedule within OARS’ space.
  • Or, your instructor may be able to provide that accommodation in their area.
  • To schedule a private space (in OARS’ space), please go to:

What if I haven’t yet scheduled my test/exam?

  • If you have not yet scheduled testing and want to test in the UPL, your instructor must complete the Proctor Instruction form on the UPL website,
  • After your instructor completes that form, you would schedule a proctoring appointment at

Additional information about the UPL may be found at their website, Information about OARS is located at

As always, communicate with your instructors to determine if they can provide your accommodations in their areas before scheduling in the UPL or at OARS. Please make arrangements for your accommodated final exams ASAP!

 For questions specifically about the UPL, email If you have additional questions or concerns, please reach out to OARS at, or via phone at 336/334-5440.

The Office of Disability Services seeks to assist UNCG Faculty and Staff in their interaction with Students with Disabilities.

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