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Text Conversion Policy

Please note: All alternate format materials are intended for a student’s individual use and should not be shared with others. Any duplication of materials is prohibited.


Students registered with OARS who wish to have alternative access to printed material may use office equipment to convert text or request materials be converted. Eligibility for this text conversion is determined on an individualized basis.

OARS will make every attempt to provide materials promptly or train the student in how to independently convert text materials. In the event that students can not secure materials in an alternative format, OARS will either train the student in text conversion, assist in requesting text conversion or will provide converted text. Typically, 4-6 weeks notice is required to obtain alternate formats of the text. Late requests will result in a delay in providing materials. However, consideration will be given to the most expedient manner to obtain materials. The following formats are available:


First Step:

  • Determine which books you will require. This information can be obtained by calling or emailing the faculty member of the course or by contacting the UNCG bookstore at 336-334-5563 (this should be done as soon as you register for classes and/or 6-8 weeks prior to the beginning of the next semester. You will need to have the following information about each book: title, author, publisher, edition, ISBN number, and/or any other information listed on the publishers page of the manuscript (the page behind the title page in most texts).
  • Using this information, search the publisher’s website to find out if the book is already available in e-text format. If the e-text format of the book is available it should be purchased by the student directly from the publisher.
  • If you are requesting an audio format, contact Learning Ally to determine if any of your books are available. They may be contacted at (800) 221-4792, or search their on-line catalogue at
  • Audio books may also be available from the Library of Congress
  • National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (NLS). Search their on-line catalogue at
  • Book Share

Second Step:

If you are unsuccessful at obtaining the book using the above proceeding step:

  • Download and complete the Text Conversion Request Form (DOC) available on the OARS website or obtain a hard copy from the office. Verification of attempts to locate alternative text should be kept by the student as proof for OARS. This would include copies of request forms and/or emails to the publisher with responses.
  • Purchase each book and provide proof of purchase (receipt, invoice, etc.) and attach to the Text Conversion Request Form when returned to OARS.
  • Provide a copy of the course readings with date needed by.
  • If you have purchased text books but are requesting electronic text (e-text), OARS will contact the publisher to determine its availability. If the material is not available from the publisher, OARS will then cut, scan and convert text provided by the student.

* Note: Cutting implies that we remove the binding of the book and it will not be rebound.